About us

A Programmed Safety Compliance Company specialising in Fire, Electrical, Pest Control, Air Conditioning Sanitisation and First Aid Kit. That’s our specialty. We inspect, test and maintain all Workplace Safety equipment.

One site. One team. All services. From one company, Zero Harm Safety Services.

Zero Harm Safety Services is driven by one aim -We believe everyone should live and work in a safe environment and at the end of each day they return safely to their family and loved ones. We do this through continuous improvement, innovation and a commitment to excellence.

Provide the best customer experience and the highest quality services and build a sustainable business through continuous improvement, innovation and a commitment to excellence.

"People are the heart of what we do; we invest in our people and in developing our client and stakeholder relationships."

Paul Hendry – CEO and Managing Director
We are true to our culture, mission and beliefs. We are faithful to the Law. We say as we do and do as we say.
We always measure our performance against defined benchmarks. We celebrate every win. We acknowledge each other.
We apply our knowledge towards our vision and mission. We are focused towards our vision and mission. We maintain contingencies and succession plans.
We have insatiable curiosity. We continuously learn and expand our knowledge. We aim for CANI.
We anticipate change. We anticipate our customers’ needs.
We will always take the opportunity to contribute to the community within our means.

Zero Harm Safety Services has all the necessary licenses and insurance to operate in every state of Australia. Our head office and operations centre is located in South East Queensland.

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New South Wales




Western Australia

Northern Territory

Zero Harm Safety Services understands not only the process of becoming compliant, but also the ongoing need to stay compliant. It is for this reason that we offer to manage the tracking of retest dates for you. We will contact you the weeks leading up to the date required for testing to arrange a convenient time to revisit your worksite.

If, for some reason we miss this date and you have to contact us because you are not compliant, our service to bring you back to compliance is FREE.

This is how committed we are to keeping you and your employees safe.